Event Management Training


Working in conjunction with Jacbee Event Management, we have developed and tailored a half day Event Management Basics training course.

The need:

Sport Wales, the sports organisation in Wales has member organisations that have numerous staff organising sporting competitions and tournaments, award ceremonies and a variety of other events throughout Wales.  The organisers may not have had any experience or training in how to successfully organise an event so Sport Wales wanted to assist its member organisations to fill this skills gap.


We offer:

In conjunction with Jacbee, we created a half day training course for the event organisers.  We take them through a 6 step event planning process, whilst going through specific scenarios and examples of what to expect when organising an event and how best to plan for success.  We also go through and give all attendees specific tried and tested event planning templates for them to use in the future planning of their events. 


We basically reveal the secret hints and tips that Event Managers use to run their own events successfully!


If you have any members of your team that would benefit from some basic event management training or if you require more in-depth training then please contact me now.  We can offer very competitive rates compared to dedicated training companies.

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